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Shelagh is CEO of My Life List, and a firm believer in the power of "yes" and "now." There are two immutable facts about each of us: We can choose and we can change.

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Lifestyle & Fitness

  • Learn to read music/play guitar
  • Restore '69 Mustang to original glory
  • Be a bartender for a night
  • Go to the Opera in Italy
  • Become a much better photographer
  • Learn to Speak Italian
  • Make a scrapbook of my life 0-18 years
  • Boston Dragon Boat Fest June 11
  • Lose 15 pounds

Sports & Adventure

  • Become a pilot
  • Learn to surf
  • Go hang gliding
  • Go to an Ireland-Wallabies rugby match
  • Learn to parasail
  • Learn to navigate a sailboat
  • Go horseback riding
  • Explore a live volcano
  • Go snowmobiling
  • Drive a NASCAR race car
  • Swim with sharks
  • Storm chasing in the Midwest

Travel & Leisure


Personal Development & Community

The universe unfolded one day, and I met someone utterly unexpected, and it changed my life. I feel like I should celebrate my goal (Strengthen my long-distance relationship)! That love story is as true today as it was nearly four years ago. Since then, our life together has changed and we've seen hard times, but I've never once doubted that I got exactly the partner I needed. We laugh, we dance, we dream, we look to the future together. There can't be better reasons to get married.

I have always loved the sultry Costa Rica, have immersed myself its gorgeous language and culture from afar in my education, and want to experience the lush nature of the rainforest and stunning beaches firsthand. It didn't work for the wedding, but maybe it will work for a future anniversary, so I'm keeping it on my list.

The Kentucky Derby is one of the best races in the world. I love horses, and racing, and have been inside the winner's circle at another top track. It was such an exciting experience, the horses are gorgeous and the people are fun.

Would love to spend some time in Ireland and watch the incredible Volvo round-the-world boats finish this amazing feat of sailing.

I have always wanted to explore the countries outside of the United States where I can use the language I've learned. There are so many places where the traditions and people are varied yet linked together by a distant past and a native tongue that unite them. I especially want to note how they differ from each other, where the language changes in subtle ways, where nuance sets apart one Spanish-speaking culture from another.

I once did a school project when my grandparents were all still alive, tracing our family history back five generations through paper trail and interviews. I got an A++ on the finished work for school but I lost it when we moved. I really want to re-create what I did and preserve it for the future.

Because when I needed direction, I got it. When I needed a job, I got one. When I needed connections, I had them. When I did well, I was celebrated. When I wanted to try, I was encouraged. Sparky give me a springboard for my future before I knew who I would become or what path I would take, and I wasn't the only one who benefited. Everyone who worked in the SID office was given an incredible gift, with the hope that some day, we would be of service ourselves. I want to take what I was given and pay it back with gratitude. The best way I can think to honor this man and mentor I respect and adore is to create a scholarship in his name and award it while he is still alive to know how much I appreciate what he gave me.

*Sigh.* Because I had to go bathing suit shopping in April and realized it's not too late to actually want to wear one this summer. And beyond the basic vanity of it all, I spent a long, cold winter whining and eating pizza too many times a week. I refuse to relinquish control over my body at this point, I have too much sailing to do to be weak and jiggly.

I have always enjoyed the "thought" of surfing, inspired in part by the Brady Bunch trip to Hawaii, the one with the bad luck tiki ... anyway, I have an opportunity to take some time in April in California and I want to use it to try surfing. I also want to take my 8 year old daughter, because I think it's important that she see me do something I'm not instantly good at, to see that in life at all ages, we still have to strive and fail and fall, and keep getting up and trying again.

It's a new year, a great time for everyone to evaluate what they're doing with their lives. I want to let everyone know about My Life List, to raise everyone's game in 2011.

My 7-year-old daughter over the summer developed the "Rules of Friendship," basically, what does it take to be a good friend? 1. Be kind. 2. Make each other laugh. 3. Share. How simple it is when you're little... It started me thinking about the times in my life when I've had a very strong core group of girlfriends -- characters with strong opinions, huge accomplishments and dreams, laughter like a chorus of farm animals, who never cared who was watching, women on the short list to the party on the roofdeck of the Ritz-Carlton who never felt compelled to say, "Do you know who I am?" They are the women who made road trip playlists worthwhile, who shared the details of what made them want to smother their husbands with their pillow in the middle of the night, lent and borrowed maternity clothes we all hated, and showed up for infant birthday parties with bottles of wine. Having a positive, influential group of peers is important in developing a life that includes deep roots and great memories. I want a group of friends like I've had in previous times in my life -- strong women who are sure of who they are and where they're headed, who can balance their personal challenges with sheer will and strength of character, who have the grace and life experience to realize every moment is not a five-alarm fire.

I recently took my first yoga class. I was super-stressed, I ached everywhere, and I needed to do something for myself. A friend recommended yoga, and I found that my gym offers Wednesday night classes. The stretches felt good for my body, but more importantly, the peace and reflection were good for my mind. Quiet satisfaction with my place in life is the benefit I seek from beginning my yoga practice.