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My Life List® is the premiere social network for goal achievers. This award-winning, interactive web destination challenges people to fulfill their major aspirations by creating a life list. A life list is a compilation of significant experiences that a person wishes to accomplish in his or her life. Through our website www.mylifelist.org members will be able to create a life list, motivated to take action and encouraged to inspire others by sharing their successes through stories, photos and video.

Anyone can create a Life List

All you need to become a member of My Life List® is a valid email address and a desire to live an inspired, exciting and well-balanced life.

We protect your privacy

Because we respect the personal nature and depth of what you share on My Life List, for every Life List item, goal or story you create, the system defaults to the private setting. You will be prompted to choose whether to make it public or keep it private. If you click public, it will be released and visible to the entire community and linked to your screen name only (your real information is never accessible). If you choose to keep your goals and stories private, no one can access them on the site or through search. You may choose to copy and paste the web address and send to whomever you like through your private email account.

My Life List Methodology

The methodology, Create. Act. Celebrate.®, is based on multiple university studies that cite the importance of writing down your goals and engaging others to support you. By committing to your goals and remembering past accomplishments, success becomes more achievable and activates your ability to stretch beyond your limitations.

  1. CREATE a life list of significant experiences you’ve always wanted to have.
  2. ACT on your goals by making a plan and engaging the support of the network.
  3. CELEBRATE your accomplishments by sharing stories, photos and video to inspire others.