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Busy mom of 5, married to my best friend. Education in Optics, but passion for design.

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  • To travel to Australia


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  • save for childrens school

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  • Become a better hockey player

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I miss everyone!

To maintain the uncluttered areas I have reclaimed in my home.

This isn't a "wouldn't it be nice" goal, this is a need to goal. I need to eat healthier, and excercise more, just for the benefits to my body. The losing the weight is driven by my ideal healthy target weight zone....which I am not in. I want to get my BMI back into the healthy spot of "in the target zone". I have adjusted my target weight loss number to a new date, and this last push will put me at my "ideal" weight.

Very selfishly, doing these acts of kindness make me very happy. Seeing joy on another persons face, expecially when they are not used to being treated with generosity, is even more gratifying. The idea of changing the perception of people from being wary, untrusting and insulated, to accepting, open and supportive motivates me to do this as well. My goal with every act of kindness is to motivate the receiver to pay it forward.

The last few years have been a little overwhelming for me. I manage to get through the daily struggles of life with 5 kids, but 2 years ago I had two of my children go through major health crisis. It seems as though my house has never been able to shake that year of chaos. Crap piled up, things didn't get done, I got so far behind, and then got depressed and started to avoid the things that were chaotic. I have been playing this avoidance game ever since. I feel disorganized and cluttered, and I hate that feeling. I want, no I need this to change.

In my busy everyday activities, I have let communication with friends and family who live far away become less and less frequent. Months can go by without talking to close family members, and I miss that connection.

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