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Travel & Leisure

  • Fun in north east Brazil
  • A Visit to the Taj Mahal

Personal Development & Community

Career & Finance

  • Buy my first home
  • Starting my own company
  • Write a book

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  • African Safari to Kenya & Tanzania
  • Run a marathon
  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Climbed the Mountain
  • See a Chelsea Match in the US
  • Flying Lessons
  • Helium Balloon Ride

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I am inspired by the 21 Challenge so I vowed to give up sweets for 2 months! I have the desire to lose a few lbs ( 3-4 lbs to be specific) and all my life I have been struggling with this regardless of how much I exercise or eat healthy. Don't get me wrong, I am a petite woman . I am 5 feet tall so any ounce of weight shows. I am not skinny or anorexic or want to be either of the two. I just want to look "trimmer" and "fit". I deserved it, yes I say "deserved". I worked my butt off, eat health, I do yoga, I lift weights but I have very little to show for it. I know that my sweet tooth detailed everything I have worked for, it's my number 1 enemy and my #2 love just behind my parents and boyfriend;) I love my sweets. I have chocolate almost everyday at work in the afternoon, at home I baked for my boyfriend and his roommate. Every night before bed or after dinner we'd have a Sundae bowl with whip creams and cherries. yes, we are living this amazing yet unhealthy lifestyle. We have our inner obese woman/ man waiting for that sweet treat everyday. While I make sure we workout and cook lean and clean meals for ourselves every single day. So this is the plan. I just want to test my and my friends "theory" that the only thing that keeps me from my "ideal" body is sweets so I am cutting it out completely for just two months. And hopefully learn to be around it and eventually will learn how to incorporate back into my life without going overboard and eating sweets as if it's my last day on earth! Remember this is my personal goal and the notes are for me:) I am trying to be discipline. I am not "too" hard on myself. I know this is good for me in the long run.

After making a lengthy list of what I want to accomplish this year. I noticed a trend that many of the items on my list tie to my financial life i.e Allocate more to pay off student loan to accrue minimal interest, save $100 a week for a our summer vacation or create budget sheet for monthly expense and start saving for a house, etc. For 2013 and hopefully my entire life, I would be in charge of my finance!

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