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Radio Coverage

WHTC Radio, August 31, 2009
Interview with WHTC host Ed VerShure
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CBC Radio One, 91.3 FM, March 31, 2009
Interview with St. Johner Away host Steven Webb, New Brunswick, Canada
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What is My Life List?

What is Create. Act. Celebrate.?

Praise for My Life List™

"Everyone should have one of these (My Life List Guided Journal)!" -- Jack Canfield, motivational speaker and best-selling author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Ive never been one to keep a journal or see what is remotely interesting in Facebook ... but I found your site a genuinely enjoyable experience to reflect back, escape the here and now, and set my mind thinking again. -- user, Charles

I love what you've created with, incredibly inspiring! -- user, Gina F.

Social community challenges people to fulfill life aspirations by making a life list. Cool, timely idea! -- user, @Rainnesmaker

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