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Yoga Teacher Training
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I was very athletic when I was younger. Then I became an adult and got "lifed" -- spouse, children, work, all the "to-do's" of life. Me time was no longer a priority and any form of exercise fell away -- except for running around after kids and running to-from meetings at work. Yet I always knew I wanted to exercise, needed to exercise -- I just couldn't find a form of exercise that spoke to me. I knew that I needed to find something that I could, would stick with. I joked with people saying "I was allergic to exercise". They would laugh and that would get me off the hook for awhile. For years I struggled with knowing I needed to get my body healthy (my family has a history of heart disease) while knowing my body needed a low impact form of exercise and something I knew would be spiritually satisfying. I started hearing about yoga, talking to lots of people, researching yoga. I even tried some online yoga classes, Wii fit yoga, and a couple in person classes. Nothing felt right. I am a social person so I knew I needed to find a place that I could go and be with other people. So I kept at it...... I found a place that advertised for a "free" yoga session at a local studio. I went! I loved it! I really didn't want to justify the money to keep going every week -- but I did it anyway and took a leap of faith! I became hooked! My instructor was the perfect person for me in that moment and is the reason why I kept going. I even took some private lessons with her to help me understand yoga better for me, my body. To this day, she is my inspiration. My mission was to always: ensure I got the best benefit from yoga (correct alignment) and to ensure I didn't hurt myself. Then I moved...... I tried to find a new studio in my new home area and never found the affinity I so dearly missed. I thought about deepening my practice through attending Yoga Teacher Training and I searched for years for the right teachers, the right studio, the right certification credentials, the right atmosphere, the right learning content (I wanted to learn Ayurveda as well.) And then one day I found it! I went an interviewed the studio. Again I had to get over the money investment. So I signed up. **** I am so thankful I took that leap of faith. I embarked on a 10 month journey that has impacted my life, changed my life in so many countless ways, and I am now forever connected with Yoga. Yup, this is my form of "exercise." Yoga is so much more than "exercise" -- or moving your body. I learned Pranayama (breathing and connecting my breath with moving), Meditation, Philosophy, Anatomy (oh my goodness yes, I even had to learn anatomy and take an anatomy test to get my certification), and yes I was able to learn Ayurveda (I think of it as what you put into your body and what you choose to use your energy on.) I am now a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance -- which means I can teach anywhere in the world if I choose -- I think it would be so cool to travel the world and teach yoga -- that's a separate goal ;) Right now I mostly teach personal yoga sessions and I'm starting to volunteer to teach gentle, restorative, & chair yoga at the local senior community center. **** During my yoga teacher training I became inspired to open my own business to handmake and sell eco-friendly, organic yoga products (eye pillows, yoga straps, yoga bolsters, yoga socklettes, and Namaste Sachets©). So I did! (That's what yoga calls dharma.) And then other fellow yogi's asked me to help them start their yoga businesses, so I opened another business to help folks to just that! To help them 'manifest their mantra' and 'pursue their passion' Thank you for letting me share my story. Namaste ~

Why were you inspired to do this?

Get Healthy (physically, mentally, spiritually)

What were 3 things you did to make this happen?

Kept my faith that I would find the Yoga Teacher Training program that spoke to me. (yup, this is very important on your yoga journey.)

Showed up, did my homework, practice, practice, practice!

How did you feel once you had accomplished this?

One of the most awesome experiences and feelings!!!

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