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Go to New York City
Travel & Leisure

Why were you inspired to do this?

Who doesn't want to go to New York at some point in their lives!?! I have travelled around a lot of Asia and Europe but had only been on the west coast of America, so it was time to visit the big apple!

What were 3 things you did to make this happen?

The motivation to want to go there - it makes you plan for it and learn about the place at the same time!

Cheap airfares during the christmas period - we booked well in advance because we knew we wanted to be out of London for Christmas...

Saving up for the spending money and tips from friends who are from there

How did you feel once you had accomplished this?

New York is a beautiful, interesting, and crazy place. It was freezing cold but we made the most of it and even finished our visit with a trip to Las Vegas for New Years Eve - an epic holiday period trip to the USA! I can't wait to go back and spend a bit more time there, we only had 5 days and I probably needed a few weeks.

Additional notes and tips:

 Its the cliche thing to do, but make sure you walk the Brooklyn Bridge, its a beautiful structure with great views.

1/9/2011 8:22:57 AM

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