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Buying a cruising sailboat
Lifestyle & Fitness

Why were you inspired to do this?

My husband and I have been planning on living a cruising lifestyle for about 4 years (before we were engaged or married!) I feel strongly about creating my own lifestyle, and going long-term cruising is something that has been on my mind for many years. Our plan is/was to buy a sailboat and “practice” living and sailing on her for a couple years before quitting our jobs and leaving for an unspecified period of time to sail south, into the Caribbean islands and who knows where else…

What were 3 things you did to make this happen?

The first thing we did was start looking for our boat. We began in October of 2008, and purchased a 42’ Tayana sailboat in April of 2009. In person, we looked at about 40 boats before finding ours. We were looking for an offshore cruising boat that would take us wherever we want to go safely. We had some other requirements and “wants” but ultimately, just like everything, we needed to make some concessions. We pretty much knew we had found our boat when we saw her; we named her “Santosha.”

Now what… there is so much to learn, so much it’s almost unbelievable. And, one thing at a time that’s what we are doing. We’ve had Santosha for one year (at this writing) and we’ve learned a ton but there is so much more to know. From cosmetic maintenance to electronics, engine repair, electricity, plumbing, and sailing know-how it doesn’t seem to end. We feel like we should know how to fix anything that needs fixing onboard and we learn how to accomplish what needs to be done by reading, and consulting with some experts.

Planning & Saving. We as of April 2010 we are one year into our “practicing.” We sailed our boat from Baltimore MD to Stuart FL where we stayed for the winter and we are planning on sailing up to New York for the summer of 2010. Many people would call what we are doing “cruising” and I guess it is coastal cruising but we are in search of more. As a side note, we are able to coastal cruise b/c my husband is a consultant and as long as we are by a major airport so he can get to work we are fine. We have always been “savers” and because we have been planning this lifestyle we have been saving money for it. We are anticipating being able to cut our ties from work and the mainland to be full time cruisers in about a year.

How did you feel once you had accomplished this?

Let’s see…we feel nervous, anxious, overwhelmed, sometimes seasick or just sick in general from the unknown. But mostly I feel like we are living through our spirits for our spirits and each day we remain focused and incredibly present as we go on living. You can read more about our life on Santosha at

1/1/2011 11:45:02 AM

Wow, thank you so much! This is unexpected, of course, and I'm honored!

12/31/2010 3:31:46 PM

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