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Exploring Canada with my family
Travel & Leisure

Why were you inspired to do this?

I'd been told by my own lovable Dudley Doo-Right that Canada was a land of pure happiness, full of friendly, kind, queen-loving people, clean water and air -- and poutin, one of my all-time favorite indulgences. He invited my daughter, my mother and me to St. John, New Brunswick -- to visit and explore. The simplicity of a trip like this appealed to me, and I'd never been to Canada before. Time to turn this city kid into a country girl -- even I could manage that for a week.

What were 3 things you did to make this happen?

I renewed my passport -- on a major rush job because I didn't realize how long it takes now to get one. Even crossing the border by land, you need a passport. My picture came out hilarious, but who cares, now I can go anywhere in the world I want again.

I researched the experiences I wanted to have while I was there, including seeing the famed covered bridges, the wildlife and especially the Reversing Falls.

I blocked out a week in my schedule for an end-of-summer trip, got the Big Daddy Caddy ready for a long drive, packed it up with warm clothes and outdoor gear and hit the road.

How did you feel once you had accomplished this?

I felt totally relaxed, like more chill than I ever remember feeling. I went completely off the grid because roaming charges for my blackberry might have caused me to go bankrupt, so I didn't have to deal with anything beyond what was right in front of me. Everyone who mattered was right there with me, anyway. We boated on the river, even risked flying through the Reversing Falls at slack tide (which changes VERY quickly), explored city and countryside, found deer in the yard nearly every day, talked late into the night around a bonfire, ate ourselves sick on multiple occasions and bonded with old and new friends and family. It was probably the most peaceful, fun trip I've had in a decade. There are a few experiences I'd been hoping for while I was there that I'll have to get back for ... including a moose sighting and a much-promised romantic kiss under a covered bridge. So I'm already thinking ahead to my next trip. Especially for the poutin. Ridiculously good!

Additional notes and tips:

Children don't need passports to travel across the border -- only their birth certificates if they're traveling with their parents. But double-check if you decide to go.


3/2/2011 2:45:54 PM

It's a beautiful country.

1/9/2011 8:08:34 AM

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