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Bermuda Ball Hockey at World Championship

Courtesy CBC News

Coach Bermuda Ball Hockey at World's
Sports & Adventure: Competition

Why were you inspired to do this?

It's funny how things happen, while I was living in Bermuda I started playing Ball Hockey with a group of mostly Ex-Pat Canadians at a small outdoor rink. The games were mostly pick up but twice a year a tournament was hosted called the Robin Hood Cup. This was our Stanley Cup and to have your name on the Cup was a goal of all of us. Then a few of the boys went on a tour to Leominster, Massachusetts, to play in a goodwill match. Following that match the team received an invite to the IBHF World Championships in Toronto. Of course we jumped at the chance and started building our top team.

What were 3 things you did to make this happen?

Build a Competitive Team - At the time there were over 40 guys who played on a regular basis. The range of skill varied from former university ice hockey players in North America to players who had never played competitive hockey before. It was decided, mainly because I had a bad knee and a big mouth that I would be the Coach.

Practice - Thankfully we had a great hockey mind in our midst, ok not me) but Mike had played at a high level and developed a game plan for us to be competitive. Our average age was 32 and we would be playing teams who have an average age of 20. We would have to be fit and play smart if had any chance at all.

Travel to World Champs- It is an easy trip from Bermuda to Toronto and I was super excited that at 30 I was given the chance to represent my adopted country at a World Championship. The team was made up of all ex-pat Canadians so it was quite a spectacle as we attended the opening ceremonies in our Bermuda Shorts and listened to God Save The Queen as our National Anthem.

How did you feel once you had accomplished this?

This was a fantastic experience. We were given the nickname of Team CEO, mainly because of our age, but partially because we were the only team with two message therapists working on the guys between games. Our first game was against defending World Champs - Slovakia and we showed we could play, much to our own surprise keeping the game tight until the 3rd period before we lost 6-1. The next game we played the USA and to our great surprise we won our first ever International game. Next we faced Switzerland and lost by one goal, which relegated us to the B Pool. Next we faced Austria in the B Pool Semi Final, winning a close one. This put us in the B Pool Final against the experienced Germans. In a brilliant and entertaining game Bermuda beat Germany 3-2 to win the B Pool to rank 5th overall in the World. An unbelievable achievement and so absolutely random that a group of ex-pat Canadian desk jockeys could compete in a World Tournament.

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nah bruh nah

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Congratulations, we have linked your story on the My Life List 90 (#15) to inspire others. Thank you so much for sharing this great story.

12/23/2010 7:20:25 PM

Great Story Bill! Love the clip.

12/12/2010 1:04:26 AM

That's quite an average age for a hockey team :) This is really fun, Bill!

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Wow, nice, man!

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NICE WORK! Looks like fun.

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