5 carry-on must haves for teen girls

What’s in my carry-on bag? A collection of must-haves, plus a handy Starbucks cold brew, too. MYLIFELIST PHOTO BY SHELAGH BRALEY


Every time we go on a trip, I always think: “What do I need?” That’s when this list comes in handy. Whether you’re going away for a weekend or two weeks, these items are always good to have in your carry-on bag. Last week, we went to California and Las Vegas, which was a seven-hour flight. These items were definitely helpful.

  1. Phone—including headphones and charger

On a road trip or a long flight, your phone will always help time fly by. I usually download some movies on Netflix ahead of time. The movie I watched on the flight home from Las Vegas was “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.”This is a teen drama that was recently released on Netflix. For all of my trips, I also create a new playlist with the music I am loving at the time. I try to use a variety of different music so I have options to choose from during the flight. Want to check out My California/Vegas Playlist? It’s right here.

  1. Water/Drink

Although airport security doesn’t allow you to take drinks through, after security, I always make sure to buy water and another drink of my choice. Having water is great to stay hydrated and to cool down if the plane is too hot.

  1. Book

For longer trips, I bring a book. It’s good to take a break from technology. While reading, you can wind down, but still be using your brain in a healthier way than being on your phone the entire time. The book I brought to California was Fireworks by Katie Cotugno.

  1. Emergency Kit

My emergency kit consists of everything beauty-related that I may need while traveling. I use smaller travel sizes of all my favorite products to keep the size of the actual bag on the small size. In my emergency kit, I have mascara. I use Smashbox Full Exposure. The next thing I have is a hairbrush and bobbi pins. I just bring my everyday hairbrush. I also have a travel size bottle of dry shampoo. The dry shampoo I use is Batiste Tropical—I love the way it smells. I also bring a toothbrush and toothpaste. And I keep facial cleansing wipes handy. I use Alba Botanica Pineapple 3-in-1 wipes. The last things I pack in my emergency kit are a few tampons, just in case. This collection of products is good to have after a long flight.

  1. Change of Clothes

The last item I bring in my carry-on bag is a change of clothes. This also goes with number four, to freshen up after a long trip. After the flight, it’s good to change into clean clothes and use some of the products above. Usually I wash my face and reapply mascara, as well as dry shampooing my hair and brushing my hair and teeth. This leaves me feeling more awake and ready for the next part of my trip.

Maura Collins Starr is a journalist-in-training, competitive sailor, photographer and aspiring YouTube star. She has already been to six countries and has crossed nearly 50 cities off her life list. 

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