About Us

I’m Shelagh Braley, American journalist and mother to a teen girl and a preschool boy. I write about traveling with them, balancing their rainbow of needs and interests as we go.

My husband, Bill Starr, is a Canadian adventurer who has lived in six countries, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, scuba-dived the Great Barrier Reef, leaped the world’s tallest bungee and competed in multiple offshore ocean races.

Our biggest adventure so far, though, is parenthood.

Together, we are creating a different world for our children, by focusing on what matters. Time together. Unique experiences. Not what you buy … what you become.

MyLifeList is for parents who want to experience the world with their families, on the path to a simpler, happier life. How is that even possible with kids and suitcases involved?

We’ll show you, as we share our own adventures (in the US and abroad), as well as our best tips and advice on such issues as hotel-training your little ones, staving off tech addiction and appreciating what’s in front of us, surviving those challenging unforeseen detours, and finding ways to connect deeply with yourself and your partner.

Family travel is unpredictable and messy. It doesn’t always cooperate for that perfect Instagram moment. If you don’t have the right mind-set, you’ll miss out on the beauty and fulfillment that is there.

Most travel stories are produced by writers who don’t actually travel, or don’t have kids. We’ll give you the real details behind our family-realistic itineraries—as only parents traveling with kids can.

We are learning, with every destination we check off our list, how to find what matters.

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